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Direct Entry Transactions

Q: What is the CPS B-S-B number?
A: The CPS B-S-B (Bank, State, Branch) number to quote for direct credits and direct debits is 801-003

Loan Applications

Q: Can I apply for a loan over the telephone or via this web site?
A: Yes. Call (02) 6286 0555 and request a telephone loan application. It takes about 10-15 minutes and you will need to forward by fax/mail/deliver a recent payslip or other proof of income. For internet loan applications, please click here

Q: Do I need to be a CPS member to apply for a loan?
A: You do not need to be a member at the time you actually apply for a loan, but you must become a member at or prior to the funding of the loan.


Q: What types of insurance does CPS offer?
A: CPS offers a full range of building, contents and motor vehicle insurance. In addition we can also offer members term life insurance, personal accident insurance and a full range of consumer credit (loan repayment insurance).

Q: How can CPS assist me with my insurance?
A: The Credit Union can help you with budget options for paying your insurance directly from your account, and queries about your cover and claims. Dealing with people you know at CPS is often easier than dealing directly with insurance companies.

Q: Can I get an insurance quote on-line?
A: Yes, by clicking on the Products and Services button above and selecting insurance you can receive an insurance quote for Home & Contents and Motor insurance online!

Internet Banking and BPAY

Q: What is CPS Web-Link?
A: Web-Link is the Credit Union's Internet Banking Service. Members can check balances, transfer funds and pay bills via BPAY. Click here to find out more about this service.

Click here for Web-Link Conditions of Use

Q: How can I Access BPAY?
A: BPAY is accessible on line, as a menu item, within CPS Web-Link. To access BPay on the telephone please call 1300 660 666.

Q: Can I pay all my bills via BPAY?
A: No, not all organisations are affiliated with the BPAY network as yet. Look out for the BPAY symbol on your bills and if it appears then you can pay that bill via BPay. If you are unsure, contact the organisations from whom the bill was issued.

Q: What fees apply to the CPS BPAY Service?
A: There are two important fees that BPAY users, both phone and internet should be aware of;

(1) Thirty cents per bill paid via BPAY
(2) Declined transactions due to insufficient funds are forty cents each.

Q: Do BPay payments count towards my daily cash withdrawals?
A: No. BPay transaction do not affect your daily withdrawal limits.

Q: How do future dated payments work?
A: Future dated payments will be processed between 6am and midday on the specified date, If there are insufficient funds in your account the bill will not be paid and you will be charged the declined transaction fee of $0.40. We will write and let you know that the bill was not paid.

Q: Can I cancel a future dated payment?
A: Yes, all you need to do is fill out the appropriate form available at the Personal Financial Centres.

Q: How long do Web transfers and payments made via BPAY take to clear?
A: Web transfers and payments made via BPAY may take up to two working days to clear.

Mycard Mastercard Credit Card Product

Q: What is MyCard?
A: MyCard is the new credit card which is being offered through credit unions around Australia, including CPS.

Q: Where can I use MyCard?
A: MyCard can be used at hundreds of EFTPOS outlets around Australia and can be used globally as it is associated with the MasterCard network.

Q: What kind of rewards does MyCard offer?
A: MyCard offers one reward point for every dollar spent using the card. Members can exchange reward points for everyday rewards such as CD vouchers, movie vouchers and magazine subscriptions. Frequent flyer points are to be added shortly to this list of rewards.

Q: How do I apply for a MyCard?
A: Application forms are available at CPS Personal Financial Centres or by calling our Call Centre on (02) 6286 0555.


Q: How can I minimise the fees and charges I pay on my account?
A: Stay within the free transaction thresholds and utilise the access options that are fee-free. Check out the Fees and Charges booklet by clicking here.


Q: How do I join CPS?
A: Obtain a new membership kit from any CPS Personal Financial Centre and complete it. You will need sufficient identification to gain 100 points under the government's account opening requirements. Alternatively email us and we will send you the relevant information. You can even download the Membership Application form by clicking here.

Q: Who can join CPS?
A: Any resident of the ACT and surrounding region. If unsure about your eligibility, please email us now.

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